Chumba Casino APK v1.9.4 Latest Free Download

Chumba Casino is one of the most famous social websites. Which have more than 100 games to play and enjoy while you are online. The player can play this game on both the desktop and mobile.

A good thing about this game is that the player can play at any time free of cost. This game has two options the player can play it when he wants to spend his spare time or also for a cash prize.

Chumba Casino Apk Download is an enormous global company that has its distinctive models the player wants to use these special models to win cash prizes and the company has the authority to give these models to the players.

Chumba Casino APK
App NameChumba Casino APK
APP Size25.47 MB
CategoryGame, Card
DeveloperChumba Casino
RequirementsAndroid 5.0+
Official Site
LicenseFree (0$)

Features of Chumba Casino?

Chumba Casino offers many premium features for free. You can use these features to boost your skills.


Mostly English language is used in this game.

Recommended Games

Chumba App recommends more than 100 different types of games. E.g. Table games jackpot slots and many more. You can choose any game according to your preference.

Free Sweep Coins on Chumba Casino

In Chumba Jackpot, free sweep coins are used by the players for playing games. The best news about this game is that there is no need to purchase any coin player. The coins can easily be obtained freely by promotions like bonuses such as daily login and social media competitions.

How it works?

Most people worry about anything when they work on it for the first time how it looks, how it works, may be difficult to work on, or are they able to work on it or not. So, don’t be afraid or worried we will give you a complete guideline about the work at Chumba Online Casino.

Can We use free Sweep Coins at Chumba Casino?

So, if you want to play casino then it is necessary to have sweeps coin. Players can earn more coins to compensate for cash prizes. If the player has gained coins from the bonuses or other methods can also use these coins for playing the Chumba App.

It was already discussed earlier that there is no need to purchase any coin in this game these are free for the players but here comes the question of how to get it.  You have different ways but the simplest way is to register an account on chumba app.

  • However, there are also different ways listed below to get free coins
  • While purchasing Gold coins also offer free sweep coins
  • By daily bonuses
  • Sending requests by post                                                                                                  

Other Coins

But these coins cannot be transferred for cash prizes these are just for fun. These are also obtained freely while playing the game. There are also other coins used in casinos during playing which are called Gold coins. These are different from sweep coins which are used for standard play.

Cash Prizes

Whether the player is playing this game just to spend his spare time or maybe for the sake of cash prizes in the end he will get something.

Can Chumba Casino Allow Cash Prizes?

It is already discussed above that the game allows players to win cash prizes via its social casino model. If you won the sweep coins then it has the option you redeem these for cash prizes or gift cards

Way of Redeem sweeps coins into cash prizes or Gift cards at Chumba Online:

Once your account is verified and if you increased your coins up to 100 then it is very easy to redeem these cash prizes by sending through a bank account or gift cards.

What Slots or Games Can Play on Chumba App?

The slots which are available on the site to play are listed below:

  • TNT Tumble
  • Blue Wizard
  • Lone Rider
  • Cluster tumble
  • Dead or Alive
  • Wild Linx

Game software

Though there is no need to download any app on your device you can easily reach Chumba Bonus Apk Download by opening the browser on your Mobile or desktop.

For iPhone User

  1. Although iPhone users can play this game in their Mobil by Chumba lite app.
  2. This can be downloaded from the Apple Play Store free of cost. The app is 136.1 mb.
  3. This is also available on iPods and iPads. While playing on iPhones this app may be challenging, which means the player can play only one game at a table not more than one is possible.

For Android Users

It is said that there is a lite app for iPhone players as it is there is also an app for Android users that can be downloaded at any time. There is also good news for Android user only by signing up on their device they can get more than one million coins bonus.

Identity verification at Chumba Casino

Verification of identity simply means your name, date of birth, and residential address. The verification can easily be done by submitting documents like a driving license, passport, or Identity card.

For your residential identity verification, you may also provide a bank statement or utility bill. Identity verification is very easy you can do it in just a minute.

Benefits of Chumba Online Casino APK:

The best thing or we can say the benefits of Chumba Online APK is that we can get bonuses different offers and free coins freely without paying a single penny. Here are some bonuses and offers that we can get from the app.

 It is the style of welcoming the new user that when he signs up from a Facebook or Google account for the first time Chumba game will give two million Gold coins and two sweeps coins in their account at a time.

Offers and promotions

By just logging in Chumba will give 20000 Gold coins and one sweeps coins.

Free Coins

The player can get free coins by social media completions through the mail in the post or by purchasing Gold coins which comes often with free sweeps coins.


Lastly, it is discussed above that this is very easy to play and free of cost. The player can enjoy their time by not spending just a single penny. Also, this is not available in Pakistan. This is available in the US and Canada. Stay tuned with for more related content.